After an incredible few weeks in base Camp C it was time to journey east to Manusela. On the day of our walk, which took us through Salimena – another of the enclave villages, the weather was glorious with a stunning blue sky and clear views to the mountains.  My stay in Manusela was brief – only about a week, just long enough to appreciate the fantastic work that the venturers had been doing in constructing a new school house for the village. I also had the opportunity to do an overnight walk to a bat cave.

With a local nuaulu man as a our guide we followed one of the rivers into the rainforest to the cave and then spent a couple of hours exploring this unique environment and the small insectivorous bats that dwelt there. We spent the night on the river bank and our guide created a wonderful fire that provided warmth and an opportunity to cook our meal and boil our drinking water. Once again I was amazed at the versatility of bamboo. Dead pieces of bamboo were used to create and fuel the fire that boiled our water, which was placed over the flames in tubes of freshly cut green bamboo (see photo at the bottom of this gallery). A great little video showing how the nuaulu do this can be seen here.