The Science Projects

The science projects included surveys and/or studies of Seram’s soils, ferns, orchids, butterflies, moths, herbivorous insects, general insects, reptiles, birds, bats, pigs, general mammals and use of bio-resources by the Island’s indigenous inhabitants. There was also an ecological study of local species of ‘Nautilus’, a marine creature related to octopus, squid and cuttlefish.

The collective results of the Earth, Biological, Zoological, Marine and Human research projects were designed to contribute to:

1. A study of the altitudinal zonation of Manusela National Park’s (MNP) plant and animal life from sea level to the summit of Mt Binaia.

2. A greater understanding of the biological and geological history of the south-east Asian Region.

3. MNP management activity development by the Forest Service of the Indonesian Government.