Remembering Paul

Paul Claxton was the expedition’s official photographer. His photos are a unique record of a special experience and place that became significant in the lives of the many young people who ventured there. As you can see here he took some stunning shots and like all talented photographers he had an eye for detail that the rest of us missed while we focused on the projects and tasks at hand. Tragically Paul lost his life on Gunung Binaia, an event that affected us all deeply. Paul had been accompanied by a young venturer Ashley Hyett who also fell but survived despite serious injuries. The terrain up the mountain was so steep and rugged that it took two weeks to locate Paul and Ashley and transport them down the mountain to Kanikeh. It was a very sad and stressful time for everyone. We held a service for Paul in Kanikeh and a memorial to him was later established in the village. I will remember Paul for his adventurous spirit, his huge smile and his skill as a great photographer.

All images Copyright Raleigh International