The Nuaulu

Here is an episode from Ray Mear’s ‘World of Survival’ Series  created 1997-98 – that’s a whole decade after Operation Raleigh Seram took place!

This episode is about the Nuaulu, the native people of Seram. It provides a fascinating introduction to their hunting and fishing techniques, the significance of animal totems, male initiation and the astonishing versatility of bamboo in constructing shelter, collecting food, making fire and cooking meals.

During Operation Raleigh 10F we were privileged to be able to experience many facets of this unique culture first hand and so develop an appreciation for the depth of their knowledge and their skills in utilising a wide variety of rainforest resources. Their vital role in preparing the base camps and as guides and porters during the expedition kept us comfortable and safe in the camps and on overnight treks. A huge thank you to these wonderful people.

What I especially love about this film is that it captures all of those wonderful sights and sounds that my photos could not – the myriad of birds and insects in the forest, the quiet cool recesses of the caves, sparkling fresh water tumbling along rocky river beds, rolling thunder and rainfall, conversations, laughter and song … just magic!   Ray’s commentary starts … ‘Twenty six hours in 3 planes, a jeep, a hydrofoil and now this little canoe and I’m finally reaching Seram, home to the most feared head hunters of the Spice Islands.’